Corne V3 Hotswap PCB Kits


Corne v3 is out thanks to the wonderful Foostan!

Two options (with or without pre-assembly) and three colours (black, white, and purple)

It now features easier to solder LEDs and is panelised. These changes make this board much more friendly to people just getting into the hobby as well as those that are experienced but don’t want to struggle with the LEDs featured in the previous version.

The PCB has been modified to make it so the holes on the pro micro are slightly larger than before. This makes it so a variety of different sockets can be used on the PCB.

Partial factory assembled PCBs! All you will have to do is solder the controller (pro micro, elite c, nice!nano, etc…) and OLED screen if you desire one.

Fully assembled means we will solder the controller (and OLED if selected) on for you before shipping.

There is also an option to assemble it yourself. Assembling the board is still not a cake walk and it takes us about 1-2 hours to assemble.

With an assembled PCB you get a PCB that already has soldered on:

  • MX sockets
  • LEDs
  • TRRS jacks
  • Diodes
  • Reset switches

With the non-assembled PCB, you get all of that stuff but not soldered.


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Black, White, Purple


Kit Form, PCB Assembled, Fully Assembled

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