HS60 Hotswap 60% PCB (V3) Preorder


Pre-order to receive a £10 discount!
Exclusive Hotswappable SMD RGB LED 60% Keyboard in ANSI, ISO, or HHKB. Supports QMK. Developed in partnership with Yiancar
Fits all standard and aftermarket 60% cases.

See description for FAQ’s

The PCB is compatible with VIA and QMK firmware. The PCB will ship fully complete, with all components in place.

V3 uses an ARM processor, USB-C, & Matte Black finish.

Looking at delivery 10 weeks from now (Roughly Mid-Late Oct) – UPDATE – END MOV/MID DEC (Factory Delay)

Did you order the V1 or V2? Get £10 off when ordering by entering your OLD order number in the notes section. We’ll then manually apply the discount after purchase. Order must be placed through Mechboards.co.uk

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Q1: What about other layouts?
A1: We now have ANSI, ISO, HHKB layouts. We’re sticking with standard layouts for now, as we can’t add multiple layouts to the same PCB as the hotswap sockets can’t overlap. Trying to cover all possible layouts would be impossible so it’s standard for now. if there are enough people wanting other layouts, we may look into them.


Q2: What happened to the upside down esc and 1 keys?
A2: It’s due to the placement of the USB connector following the universal GH60 standard. The hotswap sockets can’t fit otherwise!


Q3: Is it difficult to collect all the parts needed for a full keyboard and to put it together using this PCB?
A3: Any other 60% case you find that has standard mount holes, and any standard plate, will work with this PCB


Q4: Does it have underglow?
A4: No as the power draw for all the in-switch LED’s is quite high already. There are exposed pins to add underglow RGB strips, but this is experimental and up to the user.


Q4: Can I set the RGB?
A4: Yes! It comes with different styles as well as colour picker. QMK community is working toward a hosted software to do that as well but its still under development.


Q5: USB-C? or Mini
A5: USB-C now!


Q6: Do i need diodes, resistors, etc?
A6: The board is fully complete and ready to go!

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