Lain Kit


Designed by hsgw – the designer that brought you the Plaid!

Lain is an Alice style ergonomic 40% keyboard.
More keys in the centre and thumb helps to relieve stress from typing habits.


  • serial experiments lain themed keyboard(licensed under #lainttl
  • Pre-soldered pcb with hotswap socket
  • ATMEGA32u4
  • USB Type-C
  • 3 x status LED
  • QMK compatible
  • FR4 Top/Bottom plate and 8mm thick acrylic middle
  • Sticker (illustrated by masahito_yomenu)


  • pre-soldered main PCB
  • top plate
  • bottom plate
  • screws
  • bumpons
  • sticker



  • PCB, Top/Bottom plate and acrylic middle part may have some scratches caused by manufacturing.
  • MCU and components may be changed depending on parts procurement or other unavoidable reasons.
  • The photo was taken when the product was still under development. The actual product may look different.


  • Group buy end : July 25th
  • Estimated Shipping: Q4 2021
    • Due to the global Semiconductor shortage, production may be significantly delayed.

Progress updates will be posted here.


JP: Yusha Kobo
US: Keyhive
EU: Mechboards

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