LX60 Info: Renders are here: https://imgur.com/a/VKNlaLJ

LX60 is a WKL gasket mount that can fit any 60% PCB and any 60% Plate

Interest check is here: https://forms.gle/2GNy5oLggHxYYr3T6

Availability: In-stock: 100-200 units, available on Q1 2021, shipping out within a few weeks.

Pricing: £300 including VAT for GB but could lower depending on the IC

Few additional details: – HS60 Hotswap will be an option when ordering !

Purchasing Options: For the pre-order, there will be the following combinations: – Plate:

Poly or alu, brass –

PCB: Hotswap HS60 (Can also fit any 60% PCB) –

Custom cable: A couple of choices will be provided at a later date; custom made by ours truly, Hectoring!

Case Color Options: – Dark Grey – E-White – Blue – Green – Rose Gold – Black


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