Postage Board Mini


The Postage Board Mini is a controller board meant to aid people in making a hand wired mechanical keyboard. Controller boards are essentially the brain of the keyboard. It is similar to the common Teensy 2.0, and also the Pro Micro.

What makes the Postage Board Mini more ideal for keyboards is that it is specifically designed to mount to the underside of 3x switches on the top row of your keyboard. The board has a USB Type-C connector that is conveniently mounted on the top, an ideal location for a keyboard.

The Postage Board Mini is an evolution of the original Postage Board. The Mini version has been shrunk vertically, and no longer requires you to rotate any of your switches.

The PCB will be Matte Black in colour, and factory assembled. The one shown in pictures was hand-soldered, and is covered in glossy flux. The manufactured version will be fully Matte in texture, and won’t be so messy.

Specs: 25 IO pins (with 4 pre-designated as 1 row, and 3 columns) Atmega32u4 controller, fully QMK compatible USB Type-C

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